All photography provided by Agi Donna;

Let me help you feel, look and move better


My Mission 

Do you find yourself rushing around, constantly chased by the next deadline, desk bound and tense? Are you feeling stressed and depleted of energy?

Yup - that's what I thought. I have been there myself. I know how it feels, you got my sympathy.

The good news is that I have found something that helps me respond better to the pressures of modern life and I want to share this with you.

In our modern world we just sit way too much (hello low back pain) - usually in bad, slouched posture, hunched over our desk, shoulders rolled forwards over our keyboards.

I get it, I have done it myself. However, this affects us on a physical level through an aching body, it compromises the quality of our breath and so consequently, it also effects us mentally, adding additional stress as we just don't feel good in our body. 

That's were my holistic approach to exercise can really help to make a difference to your well-being.

As a Personal Trainer, I specialise in Low Back Pain as it affects so many people working in office based jobs.

I wanted to understand pain, how it comes about and most importantly what can be done about it. On my journey I realised that the answer to my question was right in front of me all along, in fact since 2008.

It's Yoga! The all-round "Wunderkind" ancient science that strengthens your whole body, in particular the lower back, enhances spinal mobility and stretches chronically tight muscles. The icing on the cake for me though is the breathing, finally bringing about that much needed and much deserved space, that deep relaxation that brings a shift in the whole system - quite literally.

For me, good technique is key and so my emphasis is on the optimal alignment of anatomical features and extending this alignment further to a spiritual level - thereby also aligning the mind with the body. Slowing down, stopping to take a breather (quite literally), taking stock and being completely present this very moment, one moment at a time. Nowhere to go, nothing else to do. Pure bliss!

Our Western culture does not automatically lend itself to this - but it does pay off if nurtured.

It's a skill and like any skill, this too can be learned with practice and perseverance.

So, this hopefully now brings light to my choice of company name. I must admit, the name at first glance does sound like I could be running a law firm - but all jokes aside - I believe that alignment really is key. Yoga, breathing and meditation are the tools I resort to in order to bring about this body, mind and soul alignment. 

Don't worry if you've never done Yoga before or can't touch your toes. That's really not important. What's important is that you give yourself space and time - and I'll help you on taking that step forward to an improved well-being and posture.

Go on - let's re-connect your body, mind and soul - get aligned.