Pilates photography provided by Jad Oakes; https:jadoakes.myportfolio.com

I discovered Pilates even before Yoga - well Mat Pilates that is. Again it started at the gym.

It took me offer over 15 years to sign up for a training course though.

And it all was thanks to an injury. It really is true that injuries teach us a lot - as hard and as painful as it is to see in the moment. In my case it was a very persistent hip injury that just kept on giving me grief, even stopping me from my beloved Yoga practice.

My Physio at the time recommended that I try Pilates on the apparatus. Originally a little reluctant - my pain kept persisting and I was desperate to do anything to relief the discomfort - so I gave it a go.

I was amazed and fascinated - this really works! I decided there and then that I have to sign up for a course and train as a teacher - everybody needs to experience this wonderful way of exercising and relieving pain and discomfort.

In Polestar Pilates Training I found a course that specialised on teaching movement to heal and rehabilitate after the initial Physiotherapy treatment following an injury. And I loved deepening my understanding of the body and learning even more about anatomy and physiology.

Equipment based Pilates is such a wonderful tool to help people with chronic pain relieve their symptoms and showing them new ways of using their bodies without aggravating their condition, it also helps correct postural imbalances.

Pilates increases strength and flexibility and increases postural awareness. Your muscles will be strong, long and lean.

It’s a wonderful way of exercising the entire body and it helps counterbalance sedentary issues. If you find yourself working in an office, Pilates brings real benefits by releasing tension across the head, neck and shoulders, it mobilises the spine and hips and of course, it strengthens the core. All of these are super important to avoid falling into the “office posture” trap and prevent future injury.

Give equipment based Pilates a go - it’s great fun and you will see the benefits super fast!

Where to find me?

West End: The Third Space Soho. You don’t need to be a member to see me for Pilates.

City: Moss Pilates Liverpool Street

North London: Moss Pilates King’s Cross