We are offering tailor made Wellness Weeks to our corporate clients.

We deliver a range of services and our wellness packages include Yoga, Pilates, Healthy Back Exercises, as well as Massage, Osteopathy, Postural Analysis and Work Desk Station Assessments.




Liva originally comes from Latvia, where she successfully graduated from the Latvian Academy of Sports Education, qualifying in Physiotherapy and Sports Education. Passionate about physical exercises and sports, she has a lot of experience rehabilitating athletes from injuries which she gained whilst working in hospitals and rehabilitation centres.

With great energy and passion Liva integrates different aspects of massage and body work and every client is treated as an individual and receives treatment tailored to his or her specific needs.

Liva has also discovered the power of Reiki and is fascinated by the Eastern approach to body and massage, which is influencing her unique and special style of massage. She also works with acupressure points, which deliver great results and relief.

Liva believes that stress is a huge contributing factor to injuries and chronic pain and believes that everybody should receive the relaxing and balancing effects that come with her unique treatment approach.




Davide is a senior physiotherapist who graduated in Genoa, Italy, where he gained his master of science degree. 

In the last 3 years he has worked in the most renowned private hospitals in London, dealing with any sort of musculo-skeletal condition as well as post surgical rehabilitation of professional athletes.

He has a special interest in ergonomics, in particular postural and stress related problems such as migraines, neck and back pain, as well as sciatica, to name just a few.

Alongside physiotherapy Davide is also a clinical hypnotherapist specialising in persistent pain management and stress reduction. 

He works with approaches like mindfulness, applied relaxation techniques and hypnotherapy and when combing them with physiotherapy and therapeutic exercises, these allow him to support people in a more comprehensive and effective way.


Gianmarco Oliviero

Gianmarco is a senior physiotherapist who graduated in Italy in 2012, with a particular interest in manual therapy techniques. To expand this passion and interest in more depth, he attended the MSc course of osteopathy in London.

Through the combination of physiotherapy background and osteopathy clinical experience, Gianmarco sessions are tailored to the individual’s needs, mixing myofascial release techniques, manipulations and addressing postural muscle imbalance via rehabilitation exercises.

Gianmarco is a registered Osteopath with the General Osteopathic Council (GOsC) and Physiotherapist member of the HCPC and CSP.